• Can You relate to feeling nervous when You know You need to speak?
  • Have You ever felt frightened You’ll forget what to say?
  • Are You scared of making a fool of Yourself and getting it wrong?
  • Are You ready to know the tools, tips and techniques so that You can speak from Your heart and share Your message?

Have you ever been in a group of people and your heart’s thumping so loud you can’t think. Your mouth’s dry. Your mind’s gone blank. Your knees are trembling. You can’t breathe….

You may want to improve your speaking skills for yourself or to increase your business bottom line.

Kim Taylor’s 9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker will give you the systems, strategies and support to take you by the hand and move you from fearful to fabulous.

Kim’s 9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker, is a complete speaker training program designed to help you overcome your fear of public speaking. It’s a comprehensive system to guide you to speak from your heart and share your message. Her program incorporates easy to master techniques to bring clarity, calm and command ensuring your personal and professional speaking goals are surpassed.

Kim has tailored her 9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker so that you can access the right program for you. You can work with her one on one or in a group environment. If you’d like to work one on one there are three options;

  • Ultimate Stages to Fabulous Speaker
  • Empowered Stages to Fabulous Speaker
  • Foundation Stages to Fabulous Speaker

Kim’s Ultimate Speaker Circle offers you a supportive group situation.

Heather Linaker, CEO, Aventura3 chose the Ultimate Stages to Fabulous Speaker program. Here’s what she said about it;


“I thoroughly recommend Kim’s Ultimate Stages to Fabulous Speaker programme. Kim was able to change the way I think and feel about public speaking: from something that I have had to do in the past as part of various roles, to something that I want to actively seek out now – and use as a key revenue-generating stream within my portfolio career.” 


When Heather started the ultimate speaker system, her intention was to develop more confidence in speaking in public. Her objective was to become a more proficient natural speaker. Within a short time of starting the ultimate speaker system, Heather had been offered two paid speaking engagements and her opportunities continue to roll in.

Heather’s dedication and commitment to achieve a great outcome were evident even from our Ultimate Speaker Conversation in which we determined outcomes. This is an especially tailored communication process, which explores what your specific needs, goals and expectations are on a personal and practical level so that we surpass those, just as Heather did.

Heather’s ultimate success in exceeding her expectations can be attributed to clearing any emotional and mental obstacles and challenges that she was experiencing by using advanced mindset tools.

Within a short time, she became very clear on her 5-year vision. And through completing the easy to use Ultimate Speaker Life Acknowledgement Map, she discovered her own sense of possibility and contribution to bring inspiration for change in the world.

Then we moved to Ultimate BRAVE Speaker. This core component gave Heather the speaking essentials that she neededto know to support her speaking. We covered Breathing, Relaxation, Aligned posture, Voice and Energy levels.

Heather was delighted with the handouts, checklists and worksheets that she received throughout her speaker training.

Heather was relieved to find out there was a step-by-step method to enable her to discover, understand and implement her own charismatic style. She was excited to engage with her own authenticity even more, while exploring the delights of speaking from her heart and sharing her message.

Having done the great groundwork of clarifying her own speaker style, Heather was ready to apply her unique Ultimate Speaker Style. It was timeto create her elevator and keynote speeches.

Heather went on to include speaking in your professional portfolio. To enable this to happen, we assembled her Ultimate Speaker Kit.

Heather followed the Ultimate Keynote Speech and Ultimate Elevator Speech formulae, implementing them fast into her professional life and noticing the difference.

Her courage and confidence grew. 9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker system is fun, open and focused. Kim’s intention is to always create a space that is conducive for your growth.

“Kim creates a very safe and empowering space in which her clients can explore their fears with public speaking” Heather Linaker, CEO, Aventura3, Brisbane, Qld






  • Are You curious about discovering Your unique charismatic speaking style?
  • Once You know Your own unique speaking style… how will that impact Your life?
  • Kim has processes to unlock Your charismatic style and discover the inner You so that You can speak authentically and from Your heart.
  • If You know You want to improve speaking skills, then 9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker is Your solution tailored to You and Your authentic voice.
  • Imagine the positive inspiration for change You can give the world when You free Yourself from fear!

What makes Kim’s 9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker

system so effective?

9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker is personally tailored to meet your needs. It isn’t a formula in a box where one size fits all.

Having listened to her clients’ needs, Kim understands how important it is for you to get supportive material, such as, handouts, worksheets and checklists.

Techniques and exercises are designed to encourage your uniqueness and charismatic style. This is what makes the difference between a good speaker and an ultimate speaker.

Together with Kim, you’ll explore everything that is standing in your way of  becoming an ultimate speaker.

You’ll move forward fast using Kim’s distillation of up to date best practices from coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology.

9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker delves into all aspects of speaking whether you want to improve your personal communication skills, network or to create brilliant seminars.

This training will serve you. imageSpeaker training is offered as personal one on one coaching or boutique size groups (less than ten people) giving you the space to learn and practice within a safe environment.

Set in an exclusive retreat style location among the lush green hills of Pinbarren, Sunshine Coast. You’ll be surrounded by nature in order to return to your true nature.

You’ll get how special you really are. Your creativity and uniqueness is fully encouraged and supported.You’ll enjoy delicious nutritious home cooked food to fire you up and encourage your very best self to come forward. Where else can you learn speaking skills where the cows wander past below the window, the chooks chortle and the bubbling creeks burble along?



6 reasons why now is the best time for You to discover Your 9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker System!

Quality TimeYou could be wondering if You have time. When You take Kim’s speaker training, any procrastinating You’ve been doing about speaking will stop. You’ll save your time and energy and You’ll stop worrying about what You want to say and what others are thinking. You’ll also receive detailed handouts, audios and resources, which will shortcut Your learning so that You can listen to them at Your leisure.

 Invest in YouHow would You feel approaching someone, anywhere or at any time,  feeling calm and confident? What is it costing You every time You go to a network event and You’re too scared to speak? The net cost on Your life is greater than You can imagine. A small investment now could save You a large cost later on.

Recognize, Re-energize, ReconnectYou’re possibly thinking “it’s too hard” or “it won’t work for me”.

Kim’s specially tailored step-by-step system is designed to be flexible to meet Your needs. Your personal transformation is of the highest importance.

You’ll get supportive, confidential, personal coaching ensuring that Your specific fears are eased and Your confidence levels are in place to support You achieving your outcomes.

Flexibility  – Perhaps You’re concerned about the distance to Pinbarren on the Sunshine Coast. Kim has clients who travel four hours a day for their coaching sessions. Kim’s experience is, if You want something badly enough You’ll make it happen.

Whilst, Kim’s clients have experienced the maximum satisfaction with her system by enjoying the delights of Pinbarren, it’s also possible to experience Kim’s 9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker system via Skype.

Alternatively, an option available to You, is a combination of Skype and face-to-face training at Pinbarren. Kim’s clients, who receive coaching and mentoring through Skype, benefit greatly. However, it is highly recommended You come and do Your training face-to-face at Pinbarren.

Charismatic Self – Do You notice Yourself saying things like; “People don’t listen to me” or “I don’t have anything interesting to say”? Would You like to have something interesting to say and a great way to say it?

You are unique. Your stories matter.

Kim’s system is designed to help elicit that within You. You’ll amaze Yourself discovering how interesting You actually are and always have been. Kim will help You to connect to that.

Others’ experiencesPerhaps You’re curious about other peoples’ experience of the 9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker training. Heather Linaker, a talented corporate coach, not only received great benefit personally, she has added speaking to her professional portfolio. You can find out more when You have a look on Kim’s website. You’ll see Heather’s testimonial and experience.

Kim has clients who have benefited so much from  her Ultimate Speaker Circlethey have signed up for a second round of this training.


If You’d like to know more about Kim’s one-on-one Ultimate Speaker coaching packages or Ultimate Speaker Circle, click on the link.

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