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Grow Your Business As You Become a Master Speaker”

6-month Master Speaker Group Training
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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You love what you do and feel uncomfortable speaking to groups
  • You’re starting out in business and feel unsure about how to go to the next level
  • You’re a Professional and want to expand your reach and generate more income
  • You have an amazing gift…you’re great at what you do but people don’t know about you
  • You have an incredible story or business that you know will help millions of people create change in their lives…but you’re not optimizing this
  • You know there is something more and you have a deep desire to reach your full potential, but you don’t know the next steps  
  • You know you need to get out there and speak and you don’t know how to leverage yourself and your work

Imagine ...

what it would mean for you and your business to be a super confident public speaker who has overcome all fears of public speaking so that you confidently go out into the marketplace and deliver effective engaging presentations, seminars, meetings and workshops

Imagine ...

and from this place of empowerment, freedom and influence, you have the ability to naturally and sincerely sell to one or many and attract new clients quickly confidently.


Because you are at a different level in your speaking and have the proven replicable step-by-step strategies, support and tools to accomplish this.

Did you know public speaking is the quickest way to accelerate your income?

If you've had thoughts such as


You’re going to love the


If you want to expand your reach, become known for what you do and generate income, one of the fastest ways to do this and develop the KNOW LIKE TRUST is through speaking to groups.

Step by step you will be guided through this comprehensive academy of learning so that by the end you become the Master Speaker you dreamed about!

How it works...

Ultimate Speaker Academy is a supportive 6-month Master Speaker Group Training so that you receive massive transformation rather than short-lived transformation where you can end up going back to old ways of doing things.

Being mindful of your time, there are 12 x 60-minute training sessions via Zoom.

You’ll receive everything you need from sales conversation, networking, creating presentations that engage and inspire your audiences. You will discover how to shift the obstacles holding you back so that you become a confident, knowledgeable speaker as well as develop your speaking style and ability to communicate in any situation.

Personal growth and business growth go hand in hand and the Academy is designed to do both.

“After much research, I phoned Kim from Ultimate Speaker. Instantly I felt a connection. I truly felt “she got me”! She made me feel at ease, and completely confident in our path forward together, because with Kim, it is a journey you take together.
She became my mentor, my speaking coach, confidant and always the professional public speaker.
Kim, what an absolute privilege it has been working with you over the last few months. Your Ultimate Speaker Coaching has transformed me from an apprehensive speaker to the confident presenter I am today. I have learnt so much in such a short time and cannot recommend highly enough this programme to anyone who wants to love public speaking like I do now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Tania Turner

Shine Beauty and Sunshine Coast Outstanding Business Woman of the Year

You will learn...

• To confidently deliver a clear message so that you effortlessly attract clients

• To clarify your core message so that you’re clear, concise and on point when you speak

• To effectively add public speaking to your professional repertoire as another means of generating income

• To relax into BRAVE speaking so that you come across confident, certain and calm

• Proven frameworks to simply create and deliver presentations and workshops that engage your audience

• Methods to develop your unique speaking style ensuring you come across genuine and authentic

• To master the Art of Professional Networking so that you lead and create quality connections in a natural manner

• To craft Your Ultimate Professional Speaking Portfolio so that you create interest and get booked!

• Ultimate Speaker Storytelling for Business ensuring your stories are a message to market match

• Ultimate Sales Essentials. Step by step strategy to naturally take your conversations to the next levelTo c

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I look forward to welcoming you to The Ultimate Speaker Academy.

BONUS Ultimate Speaker Circle

Kim’s Ultimate Speaker Circle is a comprehensive system, tailored to take you by the hand from fearful to fabulous natural speaker in a safe and diverse enough environment for you to learn and practice your new skills.

The Ultimate Speaker Circle will enhance the topics and skills you learn through Ultimate Speaker Academy.

Includes a comprehensive range of strategies, tools and techniques so that you can speak from your heart and share your message:

  • Your Ultimate Speaker Style
  • Your Ultimate Speaker Fear Shifter
  • Your Ultimate Speaker Self-Evaluation
  • Discover Your Ultimate Speaker Charisma
  • Your Ultimate Speaker Map: How to Structure a Speech
  • Ultimate BRAVE Speaker

Learn how to support your speaking through your breathing, relaxation, energy levels, voice and aligned posture.

Ultimate Speaker Circle training is run over two days, back-to-back.

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