Ultimate Impact & Influence

Ultimate Impact & Influence

Your Path to Master Speaker with Ultimate Impact & Influence

6-month One to One Coaching & Mentoring

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Your path to Master Speaker with Ultimate Impact & Influence

Personalised one-on-one speaker training for you to discover how to speak from your heart and share your message.

The Ultimate Impact & Influence program provides you with proven state-of-the-art speaking skills so that your next chance to speak is an opportunity rather than a nightmare.

As a result of following the Ultimate Speaker tools, techniques and strategies backed up with a range of resources and handouts you’ll find your confidence, certainty, clarity, calm and you’ll create your own charismatic style.

Your fears of public speaking will be a thing of the past as  Kim guides you through the 9 Steps to Ultimate Speaker system. 

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, the CEO of a large organisation, or just want to be able to speak right off the cuff without a single notecard, my dream is to help successful leaders, like you. You are a leader who is ready to scale on all levels and wants to create the success you deserve. I know you understand that to thrive in today’s business world, communication skills including the ability to engage and influence calmly, confidently and authentically are fundamental skills for success.

One thing I have learned, when we feel so comfortable within our own skin, we’re confident, have the ability to build trust quickly and communicate in any situation, others are drawn to us and more often than not become clients or will refer.

As my business mentor, Genine Howard (Profile Magazine) says…”When you are in a state of pure abundance you think differently, you act differently … and most importantly, you IMPACT differently.”

“Kim was able to change the way I think and feel about public speaking to something that I actively seek out now and use as a key revenue-generating stream within my portfolio And this is all due to the gentle yet powerful way in which Kim supported me to find my voice, both literally and in terms of the story-telling that I can use as the foundation of any presentation.”

Heather Linaker

CEO Aventura3, Brisbane, Queensland

“Ultimate Impact and Influence” 1:1 mentoring and coaching is a 6-month fully comprehensive supportive container.

It’s designed for professionals who are looking to increase their effectiveness, to have more impact with their clients whether this by phone or face to face.

It’s about having the public speaking and communication skills to understand your clients’ and audiences’ needs and effectively communicate with them .

This package is for professionals who are ready to step up because we can’t scale until we are fully trained, competent and confident.

Mastering your public speaking and communication skills is the key to enhancing your reputation, boosting your self-confidence and creating opportunities because when you’re able to confidently speak in front of a crowd, you can…

  • Compel others with your voice in meetings
  • Approach your boss and ask for a raise
  • Move your business forward with clarity
  • Talk to a potential client and deliver a proposal
  • Inspire a group of volunteers at a charity event
  • Make a memorable speech at a friend’s wedding
  • Improve rapport and connection at networking events, and
  • so much more

If you’re really serious about developing these skills because it is important to you to:

  • Expand your reach and create change in the world
  • Develop yourself and grow your business through public speaking and communicating
  • Find your voice and find your message so that you have impact when you’re speaking
  • Want to know how to really connect and communicate your message clearly so that you can be heard
  • Have a skill set on your back that you can pull out at any time no matter what audience whether it is 1000 people or 5 people

If you are genuinely committed to growing your business and becoming a master speaker then …


I look forward to working with you in The Ultimate Impact & Influence program.

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