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“Before I started, I was very nervous and lacking confidence about how to speak and how to prepare my content. I have to deliver to a national group of people in a few weeks time. The exciting thing about working with Kim is I have learned a whole raft of techniques and tools to make my speaking better, feel more confident and get my message across. The course prepares you for any speaking engagement whether that is in front of an audience, a meeting or anywhere you want to have influence. I would highly recommend Kim’s training. It’s fantastic. You learn the tools that you need and get to practice what you learn so that you become more confident in your every day speaking and your public speaking”
Kym Chomley
General Manager, 121 Care Inc, Sunshine Coast
“I thoroughly recommend Kim’s Ultimate Stages to Fabulous Speaker programme. Kim was able to change the way I think and feel about public speaking: from something that I have had to do in the past as part of various roles, to something that I want to actively seek out now – and use as a key revenue-generating stream within my portfolio career.”
Heather Linaker
CEO, Aventura3, Brisbane, Qld
After much research, I phoned Kim from Ultimate Speaker. Instantly I felt a connection. I truly felt “she got me”! She made me feel at ease, and completely confident in our path forward together, because with Kim, it is a journey you take together.She became my mentor, my speaking coach, confidant and always the professional public speaker.  Kim, what an absolute privilege it has been working with you over the last few months. Your one-on-one Ultimate Speaker Coaching has transformed me from an apprehensive speaker to the confident presenter I am today.  I have learnt so much in such a short time, and cannot recommend highly enough this programme to anyone who wants to love public speaking like I do now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” (Photo provided by Profile Magazine)
Tania Turner
Shine Beauty and Sunshine Coast Outstanding Business Woman of the Year
“I originally started working with Kim on taking my speaking to a whole new level and putting that structure and framework around my presentations, crafting powerful presentations with a flow and a story, which was amazing. I got all of that. What I didn’t realize and what I did get from Kim was a structure and framework around my business, around my life and this has helped me more than I could have ever imagined. This is why we are still working together. It has been amazing getting the support from Kim on a business level and personal level. If you are ever in doubt about working with Kim, can I please suggest that you at least have a chat with her because it will be so worth your while. You will get so much more out of it than you ever expected.”
Melissa Meagher
CEO Talking Money, Brisbane
“With over 10 years of industry experience, I was ready to lead a team of fundraisers but I felt I lacked the management expertise to take my career to a new level. With Kim Taylor’s coaching expertise, I have learned a lot about myself, my leadership style and how others perceive me and my actions. I am now more confident, comfortable in my ability and keen to embrace my new position of leadership. A key thing I found valuable from the coaching sessions is how important it is to be mindful of both the verbal and non verbal communication used when speaking with colleagues. If not careful, two conflicting messages can be communicated which can lead to tension in the workplace. Kim was 100% committed to helping me achieve my goals and objectives. Her coaching style involved asking me questions to work through my issues while always listening intently. I found her to be thoughtful, encouraging and trustworthy, which helped when sharing some of those more challenging concerns. Her ability to cut through the noise and to hone in on the real issues was also impressive. I always found Kim to be professional, thoughtful, experienced and real. I would highly recommend her as your Coach.”
Mitch Witherington
Wesley Mission Brisbane, Fundraising Professional
“The benefits I have gained from working with Kim are the ability to reflect on my past experience, present learning and applying it to my future. Understanding the importance of engaging with people and acknowledging their knowledge and experience and sharing their stories. Prior to attending the training, I was unsure of how to approach my interest in public speaking. After completing the workshop training I now have the clarity and direction to keep moving forward.”
Kathy Macdonald
Sunshine Coast, Qld
“Thanks Kim. Really enjoyed the processes and the connection we have. I feel empowered with the new speaking skills and know that I have the tools to go forward and become the compelling speaker that resides within me.”
Riga Walsh
S.H.I.N.E. Body and Soul, Sunshine Coast, Qld
“It was valuable to reflect on why I want to deliver my message and gain clarity on how to structure and present my ideas. Kim is a very nurturing and supportive person. She enabled me to shed what was holding me back and allow the real me to shine through in my speaking.”
Tansy Boggon
Joyful Eating Coach, Brisbane, Qld
“Great techniques to apply while talking in public. Great to establish my elevator pitch for work so that I can explain to clients what I can do for them by putting myself in their shoes and understanding their needs.”
Brandi Murphy
Financial Planner, Suncorp, Brisbane, Qld
“Thank you for everything. What we accomplished was amazing, exciting and awesome. I am progressing forward more each day. Kim’s ability to unlock one’s voice and have one speak from one’s heart is extraordinary. I’m certainly equipped with the speaking strategies & techniques to enhance & enrich my skill set. Thank you Kim”
Lorraine Enright
Facilitator – NLP Life Coach –Hypnotherapist – Speaker, Certitude Life Coaching, Sunshine Coast, Qld
“After presenting my speech today, I felt such a sense of achievement, a euphoric high. What a turn around to go from uncertainty and insecurity to pride and such a rich sense of accomplishment. I now have solid evidence in the form of awards or trophies that I have delivered a well constructed, compelling speech with confidence, calmness, clarity and fluency. A tool kit that I can carry with me for the rest of my life”
Pamela Stanley
Sales Executive, NRMA Insurance
“The benefits I have received have been endless. I have learned how to keep calm, prepare my voice for a speech (conversation). I have learned what my purpose in life is and to acknowledge what my perfect world is”
Jan Suthers
Sunshine Coast, Qld
“The course has given me a lot more confidence in myself. Before, I was very nervous about meeting people but now, after learning the techniques, it is much easier. I feel more relaxed now.”
Yvonne Thompson
Sunshine Coast, Qld
“I now know that I have something of value to say. This training has given me the skills on how to engage my audience and I’ll use these tools when I give presentations and have meetings with clients.”
Helen Price
Noosa Garage Doors, Sunshine Coast, Qld

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